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We are tech curious

Here at Foulmouth, we are continually experimenting with how an online magazine should look and feel. To do that, we’ve taken the (brave/stupid?) decision to move away from off-the-shelf website build and host companies, after trying a couple and failing to get them to do what we wanted.

So this site is built by us, for you, from the ground up. To do that, we rely on some pretty awesome work from others (standing on the shoulders of giants), and some pretty stupendous services which we list below.

In particular, hugs and kisses go to those people who provide free tiers of their commercial services; without this, a small venture like Foulmouth would be far to expensive to get off the ground. Sirs (and madams), we salute and support you!


The Foulmouth Web team.

Powered by Contentful

Our content model lives in Contentful, making it easy for our editors to add new material without needing to understand the ins and outs of how it all hangs together.

Our images are served from Cloudinary; the most excellent CDN for images that helps us deliver you an efficient and responsive experience.

Our website is a JAMstack, built by Hugo. It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.

We build and host on Netlify. It’s all automated. And that’s lovely.

Our site started life as a bootstrap template by Bootstrapious. It was ported to Hugo by DevCows. We are – obviously – hugely indebted to both of these wonderful teams for making their work available for us to leverage.