Jamie's Jungle

By Jade Parnin | August 9, 2017

Creative editor Jade Parnin chats to the instagram plant sensation Jamie Song to find out how his plant obsession started and how he mentains that living…

1. Tell us a short bio about yourself?

My name is Jamie Song. I’m from Taiwan originally but have lived in the US and UK for most of my adult life. I’ve lived in London for 10 years and have an online fine art and objects business called Bureau of Interior Affairs (www.bialondon.com)

2. What makes you feel connected to plants?

I suffer a little bit from S.A.D. every winter and plants have helped a lot. I marvel at their beauty and get a lot of satisfaction from taking good care of them and watching them grow. The first time I visited Bali many years ago, I had a ‘near-religious’ experience and fell in love with tropical plants. I have not lived without plants since.

3. What made you/How did you start your collection?

When I moved into my current apartment in SE London 4 years ago, I started collecting seriously. My flat was converted from an old hydraulic power station and benefits from a high ceiling and a large skylight directly above the living room. The amount of light that comes through has allowed me to keep a lot of plants healthy. I estimate now I have more than 100 plants in my flat.

4. Has living surrounded by plants brought more to your life?

Absolutely. I sincerely believe this will be my hobby until the day I die. I will never be bored. There is always something to do; a plant to re-pot, a new species to search for. Plus now I’m connected to so many plant lovers from around the world on Instagram. It’s interesting people from different countries collect different plants. And the growers in different countries are good at different things. Thai growers have amazing ferns. Japanese growers have the rarest plants. Dutch growers have the best epiphytic cacti, etc.

5. You have over 19K instagram followers, do you think this is all because of your beautiful photographs of your plants? How does this make you feel?

I still can’t believe so many people want to see pictures of my plants and my apartment! I get a lot of compliments each day which I’m grateful for. I think to many people, keeping plants indoors is still a foreign idea. Many of them simply can’t believe I live with so many plants. They ask me for tips on caring for particular plants, how to mount a vine on the wall, etc. Keeping an Instagram account with a largish following can take up a lot of your time. I have so many messages to answer at any given moment. It’s all very rewarding though.