His Words, Not Mine.

By Lydia Hounat | March 11, 2017

_We caught up with our photography dream gal Lydia Hounat to find out a bit about her and her recent project ‘His Words, Not Mine’…_

My name is Lydia Hounat, I’m a writer and photographer from Manchester, England. As an artist I like to write about sex and broken hearts and all that Bridget Jonesy kinda stuff, as well being half-Algerian I like to write performance poetry about immigration and being the daughter of an immigrant and how my background influences much of my identity today… I guess in my poetry I’m always going on about how my relationships with other people, particularly men, have affected me personally but with my photography or my illustrations it’s kind of the opposite, I like to turn the attention away from myself and see how I can affect the other person, so ‘His Words, Not Mine’ is partially about that, it’s about looking at how I’ve affected men in my life and their reactions to it. It was kinda hard to confront at times cos some of these text messages are from such a long time ago that I kind of viewed the relationships in a different way than I did back then. The models in the work were just my friends posing for me, so I was also exploring those boundaries of friendship to men in pictures vs. relationships with men in text messages. I hope that people, particularly women resonate and relate to the work and see that men are sometimes more fragile than we are.